What if Romney won in 2012?

As President Obama hurtles toward the end of his second term, we see an administration focused on finishing up its promised transformation of the United States.

Even with a GOP majority in Congress, it feels as though our government continues make bad decisions. No matter who wins the Presidency in 2016, they’ll inherit a basket-case of a government.

But what if Obama lost the 2012 Election? What if the Republican or Conservative base hadn’t stay home and actually supported Mitt Romney? What would the United States look like one-plus years into Romney’s first term?

1. There would be no deal to give the Iranians $150 billion in aid, more money through the lifting economic sanctions and the nuclear bomb.

Romney Iran Tweet

2. Our relationship with Israel might be more secure.

Romney Israel Tweet

3. Obamacare might actually have gotten repealed or changed.

4. The GOP might not have won a tidal wave 2014 election and wouldn’t have drawn the ire of GOP voters by violating its campaign promises.

5. There would not be a 15-person field vying to the GOP presidential nomination. The media wouldn’t have Donald Trump as a villain.

6. Ferguson, MO. might not have burned.

7. Baltimore might not have burned.

8. ISIS might actually be less of a problem.

9. Immigration laws might have been enforced, but we can’t be sure as Romney is an Establishment Republican.

10. Maybe, just maybe, there might be a balanced budget.

11. Maybe, just maybe, the military wouldn’t be downsizing.

12. Perhaps the relationships with Russia and China might be different.

13. We’d be talking about real issues such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership instead of the Confederate Flag. However, we will bet that Romney’s establishment credentials means the TPP would still go through and America’s sovereignty would still be threatened. Then again…maybe not…

Romney Tweet

14. Is there a chance this country would focus on being Americans instead of identifying ourselves by race, religion and sexual preference?

15. Cuba would still be isolated.

Romney Cuba Tweet

Any five of these would’ve made a substantial difference to this nation. The question remains, however, does the current crop of Establishment Republicans present a stark difference from Democrat policies? If they should win the White House in 2016 and prevent Hillary Clinton from delivering a de-facto third term of Obama-like policies, will it make a difference?

This is what we need to ask our politicians as we go through this primary process. We cannot accept what the GOP Establishment, pollsters and mainstream media wants us to accept. We need a leader who will clean up a toxic mess.