Wendy’s Installing Self-Serving Kiosks to Combat Rising Minimum Wage

WENDY’S – Wendy’s is doing what anti-minimum wage activists have been warning about for years. The fast-food giant is installing self-serve kiosks at its restaurants, claiming growing labor costs linked to minimum-wage increases. It’s a victory for capitalism and way to stick it to the burger-flippers, right?

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Wrong. This is a hit against all of us. Aside from screwing people over for jobs, it’s making all of us do more work. Not only do we have to put up with a crappy burger in a dirty restaurant for a price that’s too high, now we have to do work for Wendy’s. Before, all I had to do was tell the person at the counter what I wanted. Now Wendy’s is making me be the person at the counter! Screw that! You work for me! I’m paying you, not the other way around. Do your job! I don’t want to have to do it for you!
We are paying full service prices and suddenly we are the employees?
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