Trump’s Worst Nightmare: Elizabeth Warren

As we have discussed in the past Florida will be real battleground state in the general election. Look for both the GOP nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton to make many trips to the Sunshine State before the first Tuesday in November. But Floridians should also get ready to see a heavy dose of Elizabeth Warren, the junior senator from Massachusetts. She has become the only person in either party that can go toe to toe with Trump in any arena from Twitter to the late night talk shows. Sen. Warren and former secretary of state, Clinton, have had a strained and interesting relationship at times, as there are a number of issues they don’t agree on. But one thing that Clinton can count on is that Warren has her back in the battle Trump. We have reported Warren’s name is often mentioned as a possible vice-presidential candidate for Clinton, who has said she wants a running mate who can act as an attack dog. B AND C The popular Massachusetts senator, whom some Democrats tried to draft to run in 2016, could be a way to spark enthusiasm in a campaign that sorely needs more of it. A way to help shift the perception of Clinton’s cozy relationship with Wall Street. A way to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters who’ve threatened to stay home on Election Day. On Wednesday of this week, Warren launched into a “tweetstorm” against Trump, bashing the GOP front-runner, saying “your policies are dangerous. Your words are reckless. Your record is embarrassing. And your free ride is over.” Calling his insults “pathetic” and writing “it’s time to answer for your dangerous ideas,” it was the third time in just over a week that Warren used a series of tweets to offer sharp attacks against Trump. Britain Women's Golf Open As you might expect Trump responded with his own brand of scorched earth commentary, tweeting Wednesday “if it were up to goofy Elizabeth Warren, we’d have no jobs in America — she doesn’t have a clue.” He said, as he has about Clinton, that Warren was using the “woman card” and called her an “ineffective” senator. Here are a couple of the highlights:    

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