Trump’s Political “Rope-A-Dope”


Now comes the real fight.

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The Wisconsin primary was Senator Cruz’ last hurrah for the 2016 electoral cycle. He won it with the help of the media attacking Donald Trump who convinced voters to “Stop Trump,” not “Vote for Cruz.” There is a big difference between the two. The reality is he couldn’t have won without the support of the media. It was an all-out effort. However, the primary is over and Trump is about to roll up the score.

Already, the media has acknowledged it is mathematically impossible for Cruz to win the 1,237 delegates necessary to win on the first ballot of the convention. Only Trump can make it, assuming delegates are not stolen from him.

Now that Wisconsin is behind us, look for Trump to lower the boom on Cruz. He is already way ahead of the Texas Senator in the polls for the next several primaries. So much so, there will be few delegates left over for Cruz or anyone else, if any. Cruz is already getting a frosty reception in Trump’s home state of New York, primarily because of the comments he made about New York values.

To seal the deal, look for Trump to put on a full court press against Cruz and any other detractor. The kid gloves are now officially off. In all likelihood, look for Cruz’ sealed birth records to come under close scrutiny. Unless he can prove he is a “natural born citizen” with some form of authority, the campaign is over for him. Frankly, the American public has seen nothing to suggest he is who he claims to be. And No, Mitt Romney’s spin on this issue lacks credibility.

What we are about to see between Trump and Cruz is the end of an exciting boxing match, very reminiscent of the famous 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle” match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. During the fight, Ali used his “rope-a-dope” technique to feign losing the match thereby wearing out his opponent, then exploded in the later rounds to soundly defeat a tired Foreman. Trump is about to do likewise to Cruz.

It’s going to be interesting to watch, if not historic. Get your DVR’s ready.

Keep the Faith!