Trump’s Missed Opportunity to Put the Nail in Ted Cruz’s Vampire Coffin

CNN – Last night during the Republican Townhall on CNN, Donald Trump and Anderson Cooper got into a confrontation. It was over the ongoing fight between Trump and Ted Cruz over their respective wives. And Donald trumps defense of himself in the matter amounted to “he started it”.

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Anderson Cooper came back and said that this was an argument that a five-year-old would use. And frankly, he’s right. Donald Trump has completely revitalized the presidential election in 2016. He is breaking apart the old power system of the GOP. He is drying new voters into the fold that never consider they could support a candidate before. He has some amazing policy ideas that should be supported. But in this case he has a problem.

Donald Trump missed a key opportunity that would have eliminated Ted Cruz once and for all. All Trump had to say something around the lines of; this is why SuperPAC’s are awful. They are terrible and run by extremely shady people. When I’m POTUS one of the first things I will look at is campaign finance reform. Ted Cruz should join me and stand up for my wife and condemn this type of message. By doing that, Trump, would have reenforced his brand of not wanting anyone else’s money. He would have put Cruz in a position that would have forced a response and if Cruz didn’t acknowledge it, well he could always call him a misogynist.

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