Trump Will Win Big In NY

Front runner Donald Trump is expected to start his final push for the GOP nomination with a big in New York. He is expected sweep not only New York this week, but the big five state haul next Tuesday en route to his goal of 1,237.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, are not expected to pick up much in the way of delegates.  

New York has 95 Republican delegates up for grabs, making it one of the most delegate-rich states for the GOP. (According to, only California, Texas, and Florida offer more delegates.) And while New York is not a “winner-takes-all” state — 81 delegates are appointed proportionally based on congressional district results and the remaining 14 are considered “at large” — if Trump wins by a margin of 50 percent or more, he will automatically be awarded all of the at-large delegates and he may win entire districts, according to USA Today. (New York has 27 congressional districts, and each district offers three delegates. If Trump gets less than 50 percent of the vote in any particular district, he will get two delegates and the second place finisher will pick up one delegate. However, if Trump crosses that the 50 percent threshold, he will claim all three delegates.)

Donald Trump

Tuesday, April 26

Connecticut – 28 Republican delegates, 70 Democratic, delegates awarded proportionally

Delaware – 16 Republican delegates, 31 Democratic, winner-take-all

Maryland – 38 Republican delegates, 118 Democratic, winner-take-all

Pennsylvania – 71 Republican delegates, 210 Democratic. Republican delegates are winner-take-all; Democratic delegates are awarded proportionally.

Rhode Island – 19 Republican delegates, 33 Democratic, delegates awarded proportionally

Tuesday, May 3

Indiana – 57 Republican delegates, 92 Democratic, winner-take-all

Saturday, May 7

Guam Democratic primary – 12 delegates

Tuesday, May 10

Nebraska Republican primary – 36 delegates

West Virginia – 37 Republican delegates, 34 Democratic

Tuesday, May 17

Kentucky Democratic primary – 61 delegates

Oregon primary – 28 Republican delegates, 72 Democratic, delegates awarded proportionally

Tuesday, May 24

Washington Republican primary – 44 delegates, delegates awarded proportionally

Saturday, June 4

Virgin Island Democratic caucus – 12 delegates

Sunday, June 5

Puerto Rico Democratic caucus – 67 delegates

Tuesday, June 7

California – 172 Republican delegates, 546 Democratic, delegates awarded proportionally

Montana – 27 Republican delegates, 27 Democratic, winner-take-all

New Jersey – 51 Republican delegates, 142 Democratic, winner-take-all

New Mexico – 24 Republican delegates, 43 Democratic delegates, delegates awarded proportionately

North Dakota Democratic caucus – 23 delegates

South Dakota – 29 Republican delegates, 25 Democratic, winner-take-all

Tuesday, June 14

District of Columbia Democratic caucus – 46 delegates


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