Trump Supports Torture, Cruz Wants to Patrol Neighborhoods

GOP – Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are now in a battle to see who can see in the toughest on terrorism. In the wake of the Isis attack in Brussels, they seem to be raising the stakes in their political battle with one another rather than focusing on practical matters which will eliminate actual terrorists. Ted Cruz has said there should be patrols and Muslim neighborhood so we can keep on the lookout for potential terrorists. And of course Donald Trump is a long suggested that we should keep all Muslim immigrants out of the country until we can figure out how to manage the situation better.

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The Muslim community needs to cooperate better with Everts to find the terrorists among them. But will placing arm to patrols in Muslim neighborhoods dash to the extent that those even exist in a big way in the United States – do anything but cause a negative reaction? The vast majority muslims in America are peaceful. And while there are terrorists and potential terrorists among them, a military approach will not be the most effective.

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Instead, maybe we need some rules for Imans. Maybe the Imans need to be given the responsibility of monitoring their communities and communicating with anti-terror organizations in the government to make sure that any potential issues are nipped in the bud early. Better to arm the moderate Muslim population with the tools that it needs to deal with the problem itself rather than arm soldiers to go into the neighborhoods and make the situation worse.

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