Trump Shocks Crowd by Calling Ted Cruz ‘a P**sy’

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Has Donald trump gone over the edge this time? It’s a question that must’ve been asked at least a half a dozen times during the course of the current presidential campaign. But this time drum has done something even more outrageous than in his previous attempts. While attacking Ted Cruz had a campaign event in New Hampshire, he repeated a vulgar word that a woman in the audience labeled Cruz with. And now he’s being pilloried in the media for it.


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But here’s a question – why are CNN and the other cable networks so shocked over a word that shows up all the time on HBO, Showtime, and indeed every day American life? All that Donald Trump is really doing here is reflecting the accurate state of Americans as they actually speak. What could be more representative of the people than that?

And furthermore, just as he has always done, Donald Trump has the media talking about him yet again is the focus of attention, almost in spite of themselves. They can’t help but obsess over every little thing that Donald Trump has done, and he knows that they will do that. All he has to do is drop another media bomb of this kind to every couple of weeks, and he might be able to ride into the White House on it.


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