Trump: Saying What People Should Already Know


Whether we like to admit it or not, Trump is right.

Following the Orlando shootings, we saw the typical prayers for the victims, the makeshift memorials with flowers, the candlelight vigils, etc. All of this may be nice and helps comfort people, but where is the public outcry of indignation over this event? Where is the outrage and condemnation? In this type of situation, the public seems to prefer being treated like sheep as opposed to the angry shepherd tired up seeing his flock decimated.

The president uses such occasions to lecture the country regarding gun control as opposed to implementing a different tact to Islamic terrorists. It is more about understanding who our enemies are as opposed to proposing some knee-jerk reaction violating the second amendment of the constitution.

It seems the only politician who understands the situation is Donald Trump, who has stated the obvious, namely, our government is not dealing with reality. Whereas the left would like to see Trump muzzled and go way, the right believes him to be telling the truth, regardless if it is politically correct or not.

This is certainly not about racism, but rather, knowing who our enemy is and protecting the public. In Barack Obama, we have a president who refuses to mention our enemy by name. This would suggest he is not serious about protecting the public.

As Mr. Trump articulates, this has absolutely nothing to do with gun control, and everything to do with establishing the proper policies for combating our enemies; something our president has failed to do.

As long as we remain politically correct and afraid of our own shadows, we will always be the victim. Our enemies are well aware of this, as is Mr. Trump. The only difference is he is not afraid to exclaim, “The Emperor has no clothes.”

Keep the Faith!