Why “The Pledge” Will Backfire on GOP

So the GOP Establishment got its signed “pledge” from front-running candidate Donald Trump. “The pledge” states Trump will not run as a third party candidate or switch parties (a completely alien concept for Charlie Crist) and requires him to support whomever earns the GOP nominee.

The GOP wanted to display their ability to brass-knuckle Trump by making “the pledge” a requirement for any candidate trying to qualify for a state GOP primary ballot.

Trump stated in the Fox News Debate — in the first question of the debate — that he would not agree to sign the pledge. But things have changed and while the GOP believes it put one over on the master negotiator, this will most likely backfire.


As Trump stated in his post-signing news conference: “I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands and we will go out and fight hard and we will win.”

Jeb Bush recently claimed — in Spanish during an interview on Univision — that Trump is not a Conservative. This will be an attack point used by his opponents and the media as the campaign moves forward, but by making this commitment, Trump starts to water that argument down.

“I have no intention of changing my mind. I see no circumstances under which I would tear up that pledge,” Trump said.

Trump’s statement outlines what will become a constant refrain: “I signed the pledge, I’ve committed to the party.”

Now the GOP must support Trump.

Questions About The Donald’s Motives

Trump — and he’ll be the first to tell you — is an expert negotiator. You can read about his philosophy and tactics in his updated book “The Art of the Deal”.

Does anyone really believe Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus owns the ability to out-negotiate The Donald?

Would an expert negotiator just sign a simply-worded piece of paper without getting anything in return or thinking he can use it to his advantage?

Do you think The Donald — who has called the GOP dumb, stupid and terrible negotiators — is going to NOT come out of this situation looking smarter than the GOP Establishment operatives? If Trump can’t negotiate with Priebus, then how can we expect him to get concessions out of an Iranian mullah?

And finally, the GOP Establishment is about as trustworthy as those same Iranian mullahs. It’s comprised of a group of corrupt politicians who have ZERO principles. Does anyone think for a second the GOP will live up to its end of the bargain if the donor-driven, pre-selected candidates of choice are not successful? The donors hammered Priebus to remove Trump from the Fox News Debates, what are they going to do if he becomes the candidate?

Corruption Tweets

In the end, Trump has a massive lead in the polls so he’s playing with house money. Why not take this step and achieve a fully-committed position?

The GOP’s Perspective

The GOP Establishment truly believes it is smarter than The Donald and it’s now showing him — by demanding the signature on the pledge in order to get on state primary ballots — how political hardball is played.

The GOP Establishment definitely thinks it’s smarter than the American public.

The GOP Establishment still believes it’s pulling the wool over the American electorate’s eyes with their constant lies, propaganda and backroom dealing in Washington.

Will the GOP Establishment pledge to stop attacking The Donald?

Will the GOP Establishment pledge not to run negative advertising?

Will the GOP Establishment put all their might behind The Donald if he gains the nomination?

Will the GOP now unleash every single weapon they own to defeat The Donald, elevate Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich? The answer to this question is unequivocally “yes” and it also confirms that the GOP believe they have a plan to eliminate him. The GOP Establishment will head into Labor Day feeling a little giddy because they now believe they can stop The Donald AND an independent candidacy.

Trump continues to scare the GOP, the Democrats and the Leftist media.


Because he’s not bowing to political correctness and speaks of American exceptionalism.

The American people are sick of lies, corruption, cronyism and two parties basically conspiring to use them for their own personal gain.

That’s why heads continue to explode.

Consider GOP strategist Rick Wilson, who, according to a story on CNN, continues to bash Trump in the most un-political, rage-filled terms possible. Just a few weeks ago he issued a Tweet asking if political commentator Ann Coulter gets “paid for anal” for supporting Trump.

To Rick Wilson, a longtime Republican political consultant who has spent the past few months waging war on Trump’s candidacy, The Donald is something else entirely. In Wilson’s words, Trump is a “cancer,” an “epic douche canoe,” a “statist” with “a little delicious hint of fascism in the mix” whose presidential nomination will spell apocalypse for the Republican Party. — CNN

There’s the cause of the rage right there: “apocalypse for the Republican party”. The only people who want the Republican Party to remain as it currently exists, are the corrupt elitists. The rest of the GOP electorate actively wants the Apocalyptic “rider on a pale horse” to appear at the GOP’s doorstep.

Trump is the rider on the pale horse and the GOP are scared to death.