The Left’s Attempt to Fire Donald

Donald Trump wasted little time differentiating himself from the rest of the GOP presidential field.
As he announced his candidacy his opinions on Mexico — orbiting around illegal immigration, securing the southern border and trade partnerships — sparked a measure of outrage from the mainstream media as well as business partners.

Today’s politically correct world operates as part of a Leftist narrative. The Left must control the message at all times via the mainstream media, corporate support and education. What the Left doesn’t realize is that under the veneer of their media/corporate spin, mainstream Americans understand the issues at hand. They speak to each other and debate in the same plain tones of Trump.

When Trump discussed the aforementioned issues — as well as others — he did so with a colloquial set of words that resonate with the “man on the street”. As a result, Trump simultaneously struck two chords. He instantly resonated with Americans tired of political double-speak and, as a result, skyrocketed in Iowa and New Hampshire polls. The polling data set off alarms which triggered the Left’s “Gag Protocols”.

The Left’s “Gag Protocols” involve utterly crushing an enemy into silence through a combination of shame, name-calling, character assassination and economic embargo to attack a person on multiple fronts. The end-game results in ultimately crushing their opponents into silence, rendering them politically and culturally toxic while removing them from ever establishing a voice or revealing the true horror of the Left’s policies.

Trump entered the crucible early.

Univision and NBC responded by cancelling the Miss America pageant on Univision and removing Trump from appearances on “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC properties. Macy’s followed suit by dumping Trump’s apparel line from their stores. Other media outlets and properties condemned Trump’s views on relations with Mexico.

So, early in his campaign Trump achieved huge awareness in a GOP field that will soon contain 15 candidates. He’s drawn the attention of the American people who relish his responses. Trump refused backtracking on his statements about Mexico and has even taken steps to back up his claims in regards to illegal immigrants and crime statistics.

If Trump can continue his plain speech, if he continues to not back down, he owns an opportunity to evolve into a serious contender in the GOP primary. The Left’s immediate call to arms signals a serious effort to eradicate “The Donald Problem” as quickly as possible by testing his fortitude. The GOP Establishment aligns with that interest. Both political parties– through immigration and census data — are desperately wooing the Hispanic voting block.

For the GOP Establishment, however, Trump’s presence in forthcoming debates could cause a problem for every single candidate with a political track record and the need to secure money from donors. While Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson boast non-political resumes, neither can self-fund their campaigns like Trump.

Many pundits — and citizens — need convincing of Trump’s long-haul desire to finish out the primary season. At the very least, Trump’s presence in this race could result in Americans seeking honest answers and results from our politicians and media.