The GOP Has Forgotten What We Are Defending

LAS VEGAS – The fifth GOP Debate was a two hour food fight all about ginning up fear based on the uncertainty in the Middle East and how candidates plan to funnel money into areas of defense.

Once that is done, how are we going live? How is our lives going to be better? Are you going invest on education, hospital, roads? Or are we just suppose to live in a constant state of fear. We need an active government and last night was clearly just reactive to San Bernardino.

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In large the GOP forgot what we are defending in the fifth debate. Most people are worried about how to pay the bills, the type of education their children are receiving, will they be able to maintain their poor paying job.

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Forget the Taj Mahal, let’s talk about Independence Hall.  The fact that Philadelphia looks like it was hit by a bomb and the Liberty Bell is surrounded by dilapidated buildings.

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