The Clinton Dirty Tricks Department

What shenanigans will they pull before November?


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I do not believe Donald Trump realizes who he is competing against in this presidential election.  When it comes to politics, the Clintons have shown they will say or do anything to get elected.  To illustrate, Mark Leibovich’s 2013 book, “This Town,” provided an excellent assessment of the political culture in the nation’s capitol, including how the press fawns over the Clintons and treats them like royalty.  In the book, the author mentions a remark Bill Clinton made to Hillary whereby should his health continue to deteriorate and he dies on the 2016 campaign trail, she should use it to create a lavish funeral which would generate millions of sympathy votes for her.  Personally, I found this train of thought somewhat morbid, but is indicative of how the Clintons think, namely “win at all costs,” regardless if it is moral or not.

As Trump’s stature grows and passes Hillary in the polls, the Clintons will inevitably need a knockout punch.  They will need an act of desperation, something to rally their troops and call upon the emotions of the public.  There are several scenarios, but the most bizarre would be:

*  Have Bill feign a life threatening medical condition, and depict Hillary as his loyal wife tending to him at his bedside.

*  Have Chelsea fake a kidnapping.  The criminals, of course, would never be caught as there aren’t any.

*  The most twisted would be to feign an assassination attempt, and make it look like the right was behind it.

Such an event would be designed to cause outrage with Republicans and pull on the heartstrings of Hillary’s supporters.  Of course, there will be no evidence or proof of any wrongdoing, and Trump will look heartless if he questions the authenticity of the event.

Keep in mind, the Clintons already have the press digging up as much dirt as possible on Mr. Trump, creating a smoke screen over his policies, and attack him on every syllable he speaks.  So, the full court press is already on and the Clintons will be unmerciful.

As the Clintons know, truth and honesty are the first casualties in American politics.

The Donald simply will not know what hit him.

Keep the Faith!