Texas High School Spends $62.8M on Football Stadium

MCKINNEY – Voters in McKinney, Texas, have approved construction of a 12,000-seat high school football stadium for the local high school. That’s right – a $62.8 million high school football stadium. Friday Night Lights, eat your heart out… It’s the most expensive high school stadium built to date.

Taxpayers in any community are, of course, free to spend their taxes on whatever they want. But if they think spending this much money on high school football is going to improve their kids’ future, their sadly mistaken. This is a waste of money.

What would be a better use of the funds? There are 24,500 students in the McKinney, Texas school district. Let’s assume a third of those – about 8000 – are high school students. That’s $7,750 per high school student. Why not pay for the tuition for all graduating students this year at the local community college? It might not have the thrill of a Friday night touchdown, garbage strewn bleachers, and sweat reeking locker rooms, but at least they might stand a better chance of getting a job after the strains of Pomp and Circumstance fade….
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