Ted Cruz Dismantled in Indiana by Female Voter

INDIANA – Ted Cruz was confronted by a Trump supporter in Indiana today over the fact that his campaign has garnered vote for the Republican national convention in terms of delegates without actually getting any votes from Republican voters. We saw the scenario is it played out in Colorado, where Cruz used the rules of the GOP convention there in order to take all the delegates for that state. This is not what democracy looks like.

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In responding to the Trump supporter, Ted Cruz said that he’s not the one that makes the rules. That’s true, but he is certainly exported them. If he gets anywhere near the nomination, it will be a disgrace to the Republican party. Maybe this is The way the politics work in the 1800s. But it’s not how politics work in the 21st-century.

If Donald trumps candidacy does not destroy the Republican Party – and maybe it deserves to be destroyed – the GOP needs to undergo a total Reformation. No longer can obscure rules and party bosses be allowed to control who the nominee is and wrest control of the decision making process from the people. Think about the fact that they took a determined billionaire to make the voice of millions of American voters heard. Then think about how many years of lousy candidates the Republicans have put forward. And then you’ll realize how corrupt the system is that could still possibly use Ted Cruz to upend Donald Trump.

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