SI Swimsuit Cover Not Political Correctness

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has become mired in political controversy. The magazine has been accused of engaging in political correctness by featuring a “Plus Sized” model on one of its covers.

But is this really political correctness? The model in question, Ashley Graham, just looks like a woman of ordinary size who happens to be extremely attractive. Though there are all kinds of men who are attracted to all kinds of women, why is that the media and the fashion industry has decided the extremely thin variety of Victoria’s Secret model is what American men want. By their standards, Jayne Mansfield and Marylin Monroe would both have been “plus sized.”

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This is not a matter of political correctness. Sports Illustrated is not going to ruin their brand by engaging in a social experiment. They’ve listened to men and heard that they don’t always prefer extremely thin women. They are responding to market forces. What could be less politically correct than that?

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