Scalia’s Death: Controversy Without a Cause

TEXAS – The announcement of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death hadn’t been out for more than a couple of hours before the conspiracy theorists started in. Why didn’t they have an autopsy on him? Where is the toxicology report? Obama must have had him murdered.  On and on and on. Now is definitely time to invest in tinfoil hat stock…

Let’s all take a deep breath here. Antonin Scalia was going to turn 80 years old this year. Any photograph of him will show you that he was not in the best of shape. Doctors have said that he had ongoing health problems. Is it really so hard to believe that he died of natural causes?

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There is absolutely no proof at this point that anything other than a completely natural death took place here.

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And yes, in the same way that the right wing nut jobs are instantly willing to believe that Obama is a secret Muslim, in the same way that they automatically assume he’s going to impose martial law before he leaves office, they are willing to believe that he murdered a Supreme Court justice based on no evidence whatsoever. It looks as if just as with the JFK assassination, we are going to have to deal with Scalia conspiracy lunatics for the next 50 years.

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