Sanders Math Problem To Beat Clinton

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, was the biggest loser in Super Tuesday 3 but he is vowing to remain in the Democratic race, telling supporters during a speech in Arizona that they should continue to fight on and asking if they are “ready for a revolution.”

Despite drawing huge crowds he just can’t seem to catch Clinton. However, she will need his help to turn his supporters over to her in the general  election.

Sanders had his worst night of the campaign on Tuesday, losing to Hillary Clinton by big margins in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. He had hoped to pull off an upset in Ohio, and his team were very optimistic about the possibility of grabbing wins in Illinois as well as Missouri. That did not happen and now the road to the nomination has gotten even more difficult for the senator from Vermont.

sanders 1

There is no doubt that Sanders who trails Clinton over 300 pledge delegates is still mathematically in the race but he needs not only wins but blowout victories. He continues to have trouble with non-white voters, a key group that he has struggled with to date.

According to Nate Silver, of the popular political site of FiveThirtyEight Sanders upset win in Michigan, came by winning white voters, but in Ohio, Clinton won them, 51 percent to 48 percent, and that seems to have made a difference.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s support with black and Hispanic voters in the state also remained strong — she won them 68 percent to 30 percent but that was less an overwhelming win of the demographic than her record in the southern states where she garnered nearly 78 percent of the black and Hispanic vote combined.

If you are a Sanders fan there is still hope as he said in his rally Tuesday in Phoenix, “With more than half the delegates yet to be chosen and a calendar that favors us in the weeks and months to come, we remain confident that our campaign is on a path to win the nomination.”

He has the money and the message to play out the rest of the primaries and to be a force at the convention. But not the nominee, that will be Clinton, but Sanders will play a big role in how the campaign for the White House plays out moving the former Secretary of State more to the left on issues than she might have been before.




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