Why It’s No Longer ‘For the People, by the People’

There was a time in American history where Washington corruption took place in quiet corners of the nation’s capital.

But no more.

With mainstream media completely and utterly out to lunch in terms of supporting real journalism or demanding real accountability, American politician now openly do whatever they want with very little pay back.  For every Eric Cantor who loses his job in an election, the donor class replaces him with several puppets.

As Paul Ryan begins the stretch run to accept the House Speakership, radio host Rush Limbaugh correctly assessed the situation when he described it on Friday as “scripted.”

“See, I don’t believe that what we hear from day to day really just spontaneously happened that day in all cases.,” Limbaugh said. “And this Paul Ryan for Speaker circumstance I think has been managed behind the scenes long before anybody ever first heard of it.  And I think that there is an objective to it.  The donor class wants what the donor class wants, and the donor class is not gonna be denied.  They give that money to these people for a reason, and they give that money to these people in part to make sure the elections don’t matter if they don’t have to matter.  The money is given as an insurance against you and how you vote.

The donor class for both parties want different things. Both want amnesty for different reasons. The Democrats want it because it provides a permanent underclass that’s likely to keep them winning elections. The Republicans want cheap labor — especially high-tech labor through H1B visas. Across the board, the injection of people looking for work — ahead of the 90+ million already out of work — will create a supply/demand cycle that will allow employers to hire desperate citizens at lower wages.

(As an aside: If the Democrats and GOP were really smart — they are ideologically diabolical and the GOP short-sighted — they’d ditch Obamacare and force people to get jobs simply for healthcare).

The American government shoves laws down our throat even though polling indicates the majority of this country doesn’t want it. Such was the case with Obamacare and marriage, the Iran deal, the Trans-Pacific Trade agreement and soon, Amnesty.

And yet, other than the odd politician not getting re-elected or John Boehner losing his House seat only to be replaced by a GOP pro-illegal immigration, open-borders, amnesty radical, there’s not much the American public can do.

Hillary Clinton violated the espionage act and should be indicted. It won’t happen. In fact, she’ll probably be the next president. God help us when the Clintons bring their scandal-ridden posse back to the White House.

Lois Lerner, who helped Barack Obama use the IRS as a cudgel against the Tea Party, was just exonerated by the Justice Department. So she won’t face any charges.

What do you do when your elected officials clearly violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution — including your own president?

How does that make you feel as a voter? Do you feel like you have one ounce of control of your supposedly “representative government?”

“Here’s the dream, from the Republican donor side. The Republican donor side is that Jeb Bush or, if not Jeb, somebody else acceptable to the Republican establishment, gets elected president, Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House, and the donor class thinks that if they can make that happen, that within 12 to 18 months their entire agenda will be implemented,” Limbaugh said. “And that’s why (Donald) Trump is a problem, and that’s why Ben Carson is a problem, because either Trump or Carson put an obstacle in the way of the agenda happening.”

As Limbaugh rightly points out, Trump, Carson as well as Senator Ted Cruz pose the greatest threats to the donor-class agenda. Trump can finance himself, but will the donor class try to influence Carson and Cruz should they move toward the nomination? Can they stay pure?

The Chamber of Commerce is readying $100 million in ad spending to defeat Conservative candidates. Other Super PACs and candidates are readying their war chests for the next election cycle — all aimed at not the Democrats, but CONSERVATIVES.

If Trump, Carson or Cruz win the nomination, the GOP and their donors will most likely spend their time trying to destroy these men because they expose the criminal racketeering of these groups. They don’t fit the carefully crafted narrative.

“And I think it takes a while to write that script,” Limbaugh said. “I think it takes a while to put all these pieces in place. And by the time the news is reported to us, that Ryan is gonna be Speaker but has these demands, I think it’s already been dealt with. We’re just not told that.”

Being told wouldn’t amount to anything anyway, Rush. To the elite running our government, we’re just pawns, people to tax and consumers to purchase goods. We’re sweat for some business. We’ve become serfs pan-handling for some wages, crummy healthcare benefits and a 401K (which the government will eventually confiscate anyway).

Will the American people wake up before its too late?