Rock Bottom: Jeb! Talks Selfies on Campaign Trail

FLORIDA – The former Florida Governor continues to run an embarrassing presidential campaign. It’s gone from Bob the Builder, to time traveling and killing baby Hitler, to eating nails for breakfast and now a discussion on selfies.

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The 3 most important aspects in a campaign are message, being authentic and then a distant, distant third is the ability to be relatable. Jeb is anything but relatable. He is a Bush. He comes from one of the most prominent political families in American history and is extremely wealthy to boot.

Jeb should embrace what he is. Tell people that he is extraordinary lucky to be born in the family that he has. That he has education and global experiences that pretty much no one else does. The lay out his plan. Highlight his issues. Provide solutions. Lets. Go. Get. It. Forget Bob the Builder, time traveling to kill baby hitler and posting selfies.

Pitch substance.

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