Marco Robot Rubio Criticized for Lack of Authentic Knowledge

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Has Marco Rubio become a robot? It would be quite easy to believe that. Not only is he repeating the same lines again and again on the campaign trail as a part of his stump speech in New Hampshire, he repeated the same line 4 times about President Obama knowing “exactly what he’s doing” during this weekend’s Republican debate. The era of copy and paste in politics has gone too far.

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This raises serious questions about Rubio’s ability to be president of United States. Is he actually well-versed in foreign-policy as everyone says he is? Or is he just reciting speeches on the topic from memory? We want something more then a memorizer in chief living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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But this also raises some questions about the nature of politics today. In each of the debates that we’ve seen – both on the Republican and the Democratic side – we hear the same points brought up again and again. Maybe Marco Rubio was particularly inartful about using the exact same verbiage. But he is certainly not alone when it comes to regurgitating the same points again and again and again. Clinton does it. Sanders does it. Even Trump does it. How much of what our political leaders know is really something that comes from their own native intelligence and how much of it is just memorized and repeated endlessly? It’s something with the voters of New Hampshire and the rest of the country need to keep in mind.

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