Are We a One Party Nation?

Is the United States a one political party nation?

That is what we have to ask after more of the usual shenanigans in Washington this week. The GOP, which was given the House and Senate by voters with the mandate of stopping the Obama Agenda is actually doing the opposite.

With John Boehner vacating the House Speakership and a clone in Paul Ryan set to take the, er, throne, the GOP trundles along providing a two-year budget that provides the Obama Regime with $80 billion more in domestic spending.

Boehner, as expected, offered one more extended middle finger to the American people — and Conservatives — before heading off to K Street. Call it a going away present for his golf buddy Barack.

As Barack Obama heads into the final months of his reign, he’ll have the capability and financial flexibility to complete a number of fiscal projects and directives.

Is this what the Founding Fathers intended when they established a Constitution, a representative government and a system of checks and balances to avoid unfettered power? Certainly not.

And again, they released the budget documentation — what they call “transparency” in DC — at midnight.

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review’s senior editor, put it succinctly: “(If the GOP) will not fight [for conservatives’ goals with] the budget…it is systematic breakdown of [constitutional] checks and balances.”

You know how it works with criminals. They yuck it up. Talk about the suckers they’re taking advantage of and laugh while they count their loot or dine on filet mignon.

But in the end, the GOP is literally committing party suicide. If they refuse to offer an alternative to the Democrats, then what’s the sense of supporting the GOP? When Amnesty is pushed through, the Dems will have more voters seeking handouts and the statist agenda.

What the GOP doesn’t realize, is that the American public is attuned to this. And the more the GOP refuses to fight and live up to its promises, the more progressive it gets, the more the Conservative base digs in. The more Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz appeal to the masses.

How do you know this is a bad deal? Here’s a Tweet from Nancy Pelosi using the words “progress” and “bipartisan”. In Washington parlance “bipartisan” means the GOP caved to Democrat demands and “progress” means we’ve moved further away from freedom, reality and the Constitution.

Here’s some budget highlights:
1. Raise the Debt Ceiling.
2. Government contractors get a nice $112 billion boost for extra domestic and military spending all the way through Oct. 2017.
3. $1 trillion in defense spending
4. Eliminates budget discussions, debates and votes, leaving politicians free of budget talks heading into re-election campaigns.
5. Surrenders Congress’ “power of the purse” to check Obama.

Washington is nothing more than an ATM for politicians, donors, contractors and lobbyists. They sit around and divide up YOUR hard earned tax dollars.

This is what it was like to live in the last days of Rome.

It stinks.