President Obama’s Town Hall on Guns is Meaningless

WASHINGTON – President Obama held a town hall meeting hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper to discuss guns in America.

Frankly, it was nonsense. The POTUS has the support of the American people but instead of working in Washington to whip the votes from fellow lawmakers he is hosting a town hall.

After WWI, Woodrow Wilson tried tireless to convince America that the League of Nations was necessary and looked to rally support. Americans backed him but it didn’t make a difference. Because the only people that really mattered were the people in the US Senate.

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If Obama really wants to change things he has to work on Capitol Hill. He has to put the same boots on the ground as the NRA has put on Capitol Hill. It doesn’t matter that the American people are behind him.

He needs to find sensible Dems and GOPers that will vote with him. To take the battle to the NRA who has been fighting it in Washington for the last 40 years. Go to The Hill, not to the people because the people are already with you.

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