Millennials Being Encouraged to Invest in Foreign Stock Exchanges

AMERICA – Studies tell us that when asked to describe their plans for retirement, 27% of Americans said they will “keep working as long as possible,” and that 12% don’t plan to retire at all. So how come more people are putting off retirement? The bottom line is they need to money. 60% of retirees say making money or earning benefits was at least one reason they had to retire later than they planned.

That’s the country we live in today. Very few people are so in love with their jobs that they can’t stop. It’s pure necessity. Our economy sucks because it’s been gutted by vulture globalists who’ve exported our jobs or brought in workers from abroad to do them. If you have a job, you want to keep at it. There might be no other alternative. Social Security sure won’t pay all the bills.

How does this impact the younger generation? Some say Millennials have a better opportunity for investment because they can buy stocks or bonds in foreign countries. Who has time to learn and understand the volatile nature of the Estonia or Botswana? I guess, in our spare time, we are suppose to follow OMX Baltic Exchange – Tallinn or perhaps the Bahrain Stock Exchange. That’s about as likely a scenario as a Social Security covering a month’s bills…
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