Michael Savage: FBI Will Save Hillary

Nationally syndicated radio host Michael Savage (you can listen to him here weekdays at 6 pm) provided a sober assessment of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server during his Wednesday show, speculating the Democrat presidential candidate and former Secretary of State will pass through her latest scandal and actually gain strength.

“We’re all excited that Hillary will finally get her due, that the Dick Tracy’s in the FBI are going to peruse the emails and they’re going to find the secrets she sent to God knows who,” Savage said.

In reality, Savage said, this is nothing more than the corrupt branches of the government and the Obama administration putting Hillary through a public certification process that will leave her bleached and cleaned once she finishes the process.

“Remember who initiated this,” he said. “The DOJ? What do you mean the DOJ? It might as well be the DOO — the Department of Obama. Who do you think runs the DOJ? A woman hand-picked by Al Sharpton. A prosecutor from New York City picked by Al Sharpton to be the attorney general is now going to look at Hillary Clinton’s emails.

They’re friends. They’re sisters. They’re sorority-mates!”

Savage clearly stated how he thought this would help Clinton in the end.

“They’re going to duly examine (the e-mails) and the FBI is going to come out with a press conference with huge fanfare: ‘Well we have examined the two emails of 30 million that were hidden and thrown away in the garbage and not only did they not contain classified information, but they contained information that was helpful to America’s security interests’ and they’ll make it up,” Savage said. “You are now living in a banana republic.”

If Savage’s suspicions prove correct they would provide more evidence regarding the depths of corruption in Washington. The Department of Justice, which should play an independent watchdog role over the entire government and nation, has evolved into Obama’s personal prosecution bureau. Will the DOJ instruct the FBI to play the role of declaring Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server as benign, thus allowing her to put this scandal behind her?

“What is Plan B for the Democrat party if Hillary does in fact have to withdraw from the race? It was the Obama administration’s DOJ that made this fanfare,” Savage said. “You actually think Obama is that anti-Hillary or that he’s actually going to damage his own party? How foolish can you be to believe this not orchestrated without Hillary in mind and she’s going to come out of this looking even better?”