Martin Shkreli Has Found A Legal Way to Commit Mass Murder

NEW YORK CITY – Snide, little smirking face of 32 year old Martin Shkreli has become the new image of capitalistic sociopathic greed.

When you take the price and raise it 5000% when people health and lives are dependent you are a scumbag. A dirtbag. If this is the new ruling class of America then we are in deep deep trouble.

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This is why capitalism has a bad name because there is no balance. It is all about the bottomline for millionaires trying to become, tens of millionaires, to hundred millionaires to billionaires. Its enraging. Its disgusting.

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Shkreli has found a legal way to kill people. He decided that he didn’t want to put on a lab coat on and sneak into a hospital to smother elderly people laying on their bed.

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