Webb Leaving Dems, Mulls Indy Run

Jim Webb has officially dropped out of the Democrat presidential race while mulling an independent bid.

Webb, along with Martin O’Malley, has expressed deep frustration over the Democrat primary process and debate system so far. Everyone not named Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders has had a difficult time getting any attention from the Democrat National Committee, which seems intent on ramming Clinton through to the nomination.

Rumors are swirling that current Vice President Joe Biden is about to announce his candidacy, so the Democrat field will become even more difficult for Webb, O’Malley and others.

How this can benefit Webb:

Webb, who served as head of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, switched to the Democrat party in protest over the second Iraq War. Foreign policy is by far the one-term Virginia Senator’s main strength.

By detaching himself from the socialist kooks in the DNC, Webb can begin to play up his Reagan credentials and pro-military posture to attract libertarians and moderate Conservatives. In the end, Webb plays more like an old Southern Democrat or what has been called “Blue Dog” Democrats since the party’s seizure by Leftist radicals in 2008.

How this can hurt Webb:

De-coupling from a political party means that party’s operational machine is no longer available. As hard as its been for the Webb and Co. to get the Dems to provide free media time by way of debates, Webb will be completely cutoff from that opportunity and will struggle to get media attention.

Webb raised under $1 million in September and apparently has less than $400,000 in the bank. He’ll have an even tougher time raising cash without a party affiliation.

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