Left Embraces Religion to Advance Agenda

The official religion of the Left is the idolization of “The State”.

The State exists as the means to inflict all the regulations, punishments, equalizers and justice upon a society. For a road-enraged driver that will to remove all drivers 65 and older from the roadways can only be enforced by The State.

And so the Left offers a siren song of solutions to frustrated masses who desperately seek a cure to the world’s ills, errors, mistakes and injustices.

Judeo-Christian religion often occupies a space for ridicule among Leftists. As most Leftists view themselves as intellectually superior to common man, they not only consider religion to be some sort of anachronistic, superstitious ho-kum, but it also places an invisible deity above the concrete walls of The State.

Additionally, religion demands a set of ethics ruled by the threat of a terrible afterlife. The guilt and fear instilled regarding that potentially fiery afterlife hampers normal God-fearing people from doing all the unethical things required of a Leftist — lying, cheating, hurting, stealing, etc. — in order to install and maintain The State.

The Soviet Union made a huge error by fighting the Church and trying to discredit the papacy by claiming Pope Pius XXII conspired with Nazis to exterminate Jews. The Soviets feared outside influence from the Vatican as it created a competitor for the souls of citizens.

Had the Soviets claimed Christ’s gospel as a message in support of Communism, they might’ve been able to win over larger swathes of population. Christ’s teaching of shedding wealth, the meek inheriting the earth and self-sacrifice fit in well with the Communist ideal of surrendering personal property to the state and treating one’s neighbor equally.

These are the notions Pope Francis struggles with when he discusses politics and capitalism. He has denounced wealth and money as evil and called for government oversight in the redistribution of wealth.

“Let us not be afraid to say it: we want change, real change, structural change,” Francis said during his July visit to Bolivia. “(Capitalism) has imposed the mentality of profit at any price, with no concern for social exclusion or the destruction of nature. This system is by now intolerable: farm workers find it intolerable, laborers find it intolerable, communities find it intolerable, peoples find it intolerable. The earth itself – our sister, Mother Earth, as Saint Francis would say – also finds it intolerable.”

As Pope Francis makes his historic visit to the United States on Tuesday, the Left finds itself conveniently latching on to a religious leader. Francis, who was raised in Argentina, has made statements during his papacy indicating a lean toward Leftist/Socialist ideologies. It’s created a great deal of angst and debate among Catholics.

The Pope’s American visit will offer Leftists an opportunity to seal several major agenda items.

The Pope and Politics

Congressional Address: Pope Francis will become the first pontiff to address a Joint Session of Congress. He is expected to discuss immigration. While House Speaker John Boehner invited Francis and drew ire from Barack Obama for doing a diplomatic end-run around the White House, the pro-Amnesty crowd sees this as an opportunity. Francis’ speech will likely provide political cover to finally pass “amnesty” or “comprehensive immigration reform”.
The Left Wins: The Democrats get millions of illegals on voter rolls. Obama and Co. are setting up rules and hiring people to make sure illegals get citizenship and voter registration done for at least 8 million of them by the November 2016 presidential election. They’ve developed an app to make passing the citizen examine even easier.
The GOP Establishment Wins: The GOPE gets a short-term victory for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which seeks cheap labor and depressed wages. In the end, the GOP will not get votes out of this and will be relegated to the trash bin of history.
The Vatican Wins: The Church wants filled pews. California can’t keep up with its churches bursting with South American immigrants. As Christianity is under attack all over the world and continues to shrink in Europe, North America represents the last growth opportunity for Rome.

United Nations Address: The Pope will address the United Nations and will endorse its 2030 Agenda, which amounts to Socialism on global steroids. Under the guise of ending poverty and creating a “level playing field” for all fellow humans, Francis will back the program.

Supporting Climate Change: Global warming is a means to an end: Regulation, taxation and the weakening of first-world nations in order to confiscate and spread American wealth. “We are not faced with two separate crises, one environmental and the other social,’ Francis wrote in June of this year, “but rather one complex crisis which is both social and environmental.”

Gay Rights: Obama will receive Francis at the White House and introduce him to a variety of people including a transsexual, a gay preacher and nuns who support abortion. It will be interesting to see if Francis reacts. Most likely he will be humble toward them. Francis has been utterly confusing on the issue of gay marriage and gay rights activists view the Catholic Church as the final hurdle to their cause.

The Castros: Pope Francis met with the Castro brothers, but did not meet with Cuban dissidents.

Just last week Francis lamented about the number of people who claim to be his friend or have evoked his name as a means to make gains. Perhaps this is a message to his many fast friends on the Left who are watching every word and using them to support their various causes.

In an interview last week with Portugal’s Radio Renascença, Francis wondered how he would ultimately serve his purpose to God: ‘I often ask myself what my cross will be like … Jesus also, for a certain time, was very popular, and look at how that turned out.’

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