JoePa’s Legacy Needs to Be Erased, It’s Time for the Termination of Penn St Football

PENN STATE – A stunning new revelation has taken place in the case of Penn State and the child molestation that took place at the hands of Jerry Sandusky. It is alleged that head coach Joe Paterno was told about Sandusky molesting children as early as 1976 and did nothing about it. If true, this would completely destroy the posthumous reputation of legendary coach Joe Paterno.

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Now this is only a claim that has been made. We don’t know for certain that it took place. Joe Paterno’s son is saying it did not take place. But given how much cover up there was in this case, given how many people knew what was going on decades before Jerry Sandusky was ever publicly accused of his crimes, And given the mafia like code of silence prevalent in professional and college sports want to comes to the crimes of coaches and athletes, it’s entirely possible that it is true.

Sports is big business – on the professional level and on the college level. It’s such a big business that people are willing to tolerate sexual while station, domestic abuse, and even murder in order to maximize wins and maximize profits. This is a disgusting and immoral attitude and it has to be stopped. We need to stop making icons out of criminals and the people to cover up for them.

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