Jeb Bush Wants to Bath in the Blood of Baby Hitler

WASHINGTON – For the record, Jeb Bush would go back in time and kill baby Hitler.

But the question arises – would eliminating Hitler from History actually stop the death and destruction of World War II for taking place? You would be eliminating the particular catalyst that touched off the Holocaust and the war in Europe, certainly. But ultimately, would you really save all those millions of lives? It’s possible that you wouldn’t.

After all, would killing Hitler stop the rampant German nationalism that rose in the late 19th and early 20th century? What did eliminate the rampant Xenophobia and anti-Semitism that Hitler exploited? Would it expunged the desire of the German people for revenge at the end of the first world war? Would it have alleviated the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles and negated the reparations that were imposed on the Germany by the allies? Would it have prevented the inflation in Germany in the 1920s that made people’s money nearly valueless?

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All these and more where the real causes of World War II and the Holocaust. Killing Hitler as a child might have caused these massive tragedies to be delayed or to have played out in a different way. But it’s unlikely to have prevented them entirely.

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And though it’s horrific to think about, in a twisted way, it might’ve been a blessing that Hitler was the one to bring all of this on. After all, Hitler was eventually defeated, due in large part to tremendous areas of strategy that he made because of his megalomania and madness. In 1940, Hitler had conquered most of continental Europe. France, Scandinavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many more had all been defeated. Great Britain was on the verge of being crushed by aerial bombardment. And yet within months, Hitler chose to invade the Soviet Union, with whom he had already signed a peace agreement. Hitler held back when he had a chance to destroy the British army at Dunkirk and instead let it across the British channel. Even after he attacked Russia, Hitler was on the verge of capturing Moscow but decided to divert his strongest armor units to the south instead. If the generals had been given ultimate authority, Germany probably would’ve won World War II. But Hitler was such an insane and egomaniac that he couldn’t stop himself from interfering. And that was the ultimate downfall of the third Reich.

Never trade the defeated monster you know for the one you don’t.

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