Jeb Bush Begs Audience for Applause After Failing to Inspire

FLORIDA – The campaign of Jeb Bush has come to an all-time low. The once mighty governor of Florida, who seemed poised to be the predestined Republican nominee for president, is now begging audiences to clap for him. The man who was born at third-base and thought he scored a triple has come along way.

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But what has made you a Bush so particularly pathetic is his attempt to be someone who he is not. He is a nerdy wonk and a member of a very rich and privileged family. He has had no real experiences in his life that weren’t cushioned by wealth and political power. And yet he has tried to act tough by saying that he eats nails for breakfast. He has tried to show that he’s a regular guy by chest bumping with you guys. And it is all ended for him by begging a dead silent audience to clapped for him. How sad.

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