It’s Time to Cancel The White House Correspondents Dinner

WASHINGTON – White House Correspondents Dinner took place this weekend. It’s referred to as the “nerd prom.” But it’s really the “elite prom.” The president traditionally delivers a joke-laden speech, which Obama did but the sheer decadence on display was disgusting.

Largely, American’s are suffering financially and these “leaders” have the audacity to joke about failing or being manipulated by big money interests. Then broadcast it to the public.

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And everybody was having a great time. Poking fun at themselves. Eating steaks. Drinking booze – which ended up in at least one fight, by the way. And all the while destroying America.

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Should the people who have made a mess of  America really be celebrating themselves? Should Obama, who not only didn’t get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan but got us INTO Syria, be enjoying himself at a big party? Should Joe Biden be swilling wine while workers suffer because he helped destroy the economy?
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