Is Florida Governor Rick Scott a Human Being?

FLORIDA – A proposal has been floated by the state of Connecticut to tax Yale university’s 25 billion Dollar endowment. Now this may or may not be a good idea, but the reaction of Florida Governor Rick Scott is hilarious. He has suggested that the university moved from Connecticut to Florida in order to avoid such a tax.

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This is a perfect example of a hyper capitalist globalist failing to understand what it means to live as a part of a community, a state, a country, or indeed humanity. Rick Scott and the vulture capitalists that he hangs out with have been focused on the bottom line for so long that they don’t understand what it is to be human any longer. How can you move Yale University to Florida? It would make about as much sense as moving Mount Rushmore to Guadalajara. Human beings have resonance with certain places that no amount of tax incentives will ever be able to completely make up for.

And yet Rick Scott doesn’t get this. There are a lot of things that he doesn’t get. How to interact with people who have less then $25 billion in their bank account. How to run a company without committing a crime. And basic human interaction skills. But most people will understand that we are drawn to institutions like Yale and Harvard because of the history that has happened in that place. We love Paris because of the great buildings and the great men who have ruled and painted there. The places in which we live have significance for us and are not just vehicles for accumulating wealth. Wake up, Rick Scott!


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