Is Child Molestation the Only Crime that Can Bring Down a High Ranking Politico?

WASHINGTON – Dennis Hastert, Former speaker of the house of representatives, has been convicted of a scheme to pay off and silence those who accused him of child molest station and has been sentenced to 15 months in prison. The implications of this are tremendous. First of all, the man who was second in line to the presidency has admitted to being a child molester. He abused high school students decades ago when when he was a wrestling coach. At the very least, we need to think about the kind of people that we allowed to hold high public office.

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Secondly, Dennis Hastert, Is not being sent to jail for the crime – the real crime – that he committed. The statute of limitations ran out long ago on the victims he sexually molested. This has to change. There cannot be a statute of limitations, a time limit on charging those who have sexually molested children. That’s unconscionable.

And thirdly, how did this man get away with what he did for so long? How is it possible that he – and for that matter numerous Catholic priests – got away with such an unspeakable crime and for decades were never called to account for it? It makes you question the human ability to act on morality. Is our fear and weaknesses human beings so great that we can never really achieve the moral standards that we say we want? The fact that Jared Fogel and Dennis Hastert exist is a testament that the human race has fallen far short and we need to look deep within our souls to find the courage we need to act against evil when it shows itself in the world.

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