Jeb Document Release: Inside Campaign

Jeb Bush’s campaign officially entered “Hail Mary” mode as the former Florida governor strategically “leaked” campaign documents to select members of the media and US News and World Report.

In the documents, Bush outlines much of his polling data, financial strength and game-planning, but also releases competitive intelligence on Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The release of this document is tantamount to a beleaguered football coach releasing his playbook to prove to fans and the media that he can still coach.

Early in the playbook — and perhaps strategically placed at the front-end of the document — the Bush campaign makes comparisons to Rubio.

“Rubio and President Obama have strikingly similar profiles: first-term senators, lawyers, and university lecturers, served in part-time state legislatures for eight years, had few legislative accomplishments, and haven’t shown much interest in the process of advancing legislation and getting results,” the power point presentation claims.

Jeb Experience Slide

The previous slide calls Rubio a “risky bet”:

Jeb Slide Rubio Risky

‘Voters have A.D.D.’

Apparently, the document states that because the voters are still undecided about the massive GOP candidate poll, they rank as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

ADD slide

Jeb’s Spending Needs Some Brakes

This slide demonstrates Jeb’s campaign team is not that great at managing money — which is why they’ve recently had to reduce staff and salaries. The slide only compares Jeb with Rubio and the last two GOP nominees in Mitt Romney and John McCain.

While McCain’s campaign spent like, well, a drunken sailor, Jeb’s team is second-worst. Jeb’s year-to-date burn rate — at over 58% — is second-highest and six points higher than Rubio.

Jeb Slide Money

Not Your Establishment’s Election Cycle

One of the biggest mistakes in the analysis is comparing this election cycle to last. The slide below calls the primary process “volatile.” But the 2012 election cycle featured — with the exception of Herman Cain — a cavalcade of political pros.

However, 2016 is about voter anger. Voters may be undecided about their candidates, but they do know one thing: Lifetime politicians are not attractive. This is the reason Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and even Ted Cruz, who relishes his role as the gadfly of the Senate, continue to poll strongly.
Jeb Volatile Polling

My Brother, My Keeper

Apparently, Jeb cannot un-chain himself from the Bush family dynasty. The report includes a slide on how former president and brother George W. Bush fares in public opinion — almost eight years after he left the White House.

G-Dub Favorability

Super PAC Influence

If you’ve ever wondered which Super Pacs promote which candidates, check out this slide, which includes spending:
Super Pac Spending

And here’s how the Super PACs will be spending their dough via their advanced media planning. Here’s one thing that stands out: There’s not one Super PAC for Trump leaving him completely untainted from donor obligations. It’s also interesting to note there are four anti-Trump PACs.

Super Pac Advanced Spending

It is rare for voters to witness the in-campaign implosion of a candidate. Jeb is providing plenty of insight into how one avoids election.