House Votes To Repeal Elements Of Obamacare

Yes, it’s a new regime, with House Speaker Paul Ryan taking charge… but some things just never change. So for the 62nd time Congress moved to repeal all or parts of Obamacare on Wednesday, and will send it to the president’s desk for a certain veto, which Republicans will not be able to override. Yet it is a positioning statement geared toward the Fall elections, and that appears to be the main focus for the GOP this year on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, President Obama released a preview of next week’s State of the Union address, which rather than lay out any legislative agenda (go figure?), will instead discuss issues that have defined his presidency, and offer a list of policies he believes are right for the future of America. Kind of what the Republicans will be doing during their retreat in Baltimore following the SOTU. With an election looming in November, it’s already time for lines in the sand.

ABC’s Karen Travers joined us from Capitol Hill.