Hillary Clinton’s Unquenchable Thirst for Power is Sociopath

WASHINGTON – For the last 25 years, Hillary Clinton has been actively or surreptitiously seeking the highest office in the United States. If she had decided to take a different path in life, To become a corporate lawyer or even just raise her family, what would be different in the world today? First of all, the right wing nut jobs would have to develop conspiracy theories about someone else. But secondly and more seriously the shape of global politics would be different.

If Hillary Clinton have not failed as secretary of state, would Russia have invaded the Crimea? If she had not aided and abetted President Obama’s starry eyed internationalist approach to the Arab Spring in 2011, would Ghadaffi be alive and would Libya and Syria bee viable, stable states today? Almost certainly. How do you think it would be different if Hillary Clinton had never made it to the national political scene? I think there’s a strong argument that it would be a significantly better world.

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Hillary Clinton is claiming that terrorism is a personal issue for her because she was senator of New York during 9/11. That’s interesting – maybe I just have a bit of a memory issue, but I don’t seem to remember Hillary Clinton giving any big moving speeches at the time. I don’t remember seeing her walk around Ground Zero in the aftermath, as did President George W. Bush and New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. And I don’t remember her standing up for the rights of first responders, who still don’t have adequate benefits for the illnesses is they incurred.

And what evidence is there that she has made the terrorism situation even worse? It is abundant. By taking a lax approach during the Arab spring of 2011, she destabilized several countries in the middle east, made them right for terrorism, and instigated the rise of Isis. Maybe terrorism is important to her. But it doesn’t show on her record.


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