Hillary Clinton’s Road To White House Getting Bumpy

There is a new ABC News/Washington post poll out on the 2016 presidential contenders and it shows Hillary Clinton losing steam. The findings are embargoed until 7am, but Mary has been studying them throughout the night and has every detail. Mary will also have the latest from the NSA beat talking about the repercussions of the shutdown of the program that gathers and searches American’s phone records thanks to parts of the Patriot Act expiration.

Other expired components include so-called roving wire taps which allow law enforcement to follow a terrorist and not just on one phone; the Lone Wolf Tracking that allows Investigators to track a suspect without a subpoena, necessitating a court appearance for each case. FBI Director James Comey says without those tools they are lost. Some of the provisions will be reinstated later this week by congress, but law enforcement says the job of keeping the country safe will be that much tougher.

ABC’s Mary Bruce joined us to discuss.