Hillary Clinton is Too Old to Run for POTUS

NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton looks angry. She is mad that she is in a dogfight for the primary. She is mad that she is being dragged to the left. She resents the American public for not anointing her and thought that she would have had this locked up by now.

But if the Democrats would have had an honest primary, Clinton’s campaign would be falling apart like Jeb Bush’s.

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She is sick from campaigning in the freezing cold during the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses. And now she is coughing on stage.

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She looks old. Campaigning has worn her down. Life on Capitol Hill, and craving the limelight has worn her down, Sanders is 6 years older than her and he looks younger. She has bags under her eyes, is barking on stage, and has a running cold for that last couple of weeks. She looks tired and she looks old.

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