Hillary Clinton Is The Ultimate Political Trust-Fund Baby

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton is the ultimate political trust fund baby. As she is admitted herself before, and is clear for anyone with a pair of eyes to see, she is not a natural politician. So why is she The leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination and 2016? Not because of her deft political skills. Of course, it’s because she is the wife of former President Bill Clinton.

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Bill Clinton is a deft politician. He genuinely likes people. Too much, in fact as is evidenced by his sordid past… But Hillary Clinton is the inheritor of his skill. And she has parlayed that into serious connections on Wall Street in order to make her a powerful political Force in America.

Do we want someone as president who has worked to get the position? Reagan didn’t start his life is a politician – he worked for it. Obama didn’t start wife with much – he worked for it. George W. Bush was born on third-base and thought he hit a triple. And Hillary Clinton is much the same.


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