Hillary Clinton Barks to Try and Relate to Audience

Hillary Clinton has demonstrated her tin ear for politics to the world yet again. She was making a speech this week about how she would like to hear the Republicans called out on what she thinks are there lies, and she recalled the story of a political ad she wants her in Arkansas where a dog barked each time a lie was told. Then, brilliantly, she did an eerily convincing impression of a dog. There’s a reason why Bill Clinton ran for president and won twice and so far Hilary has lost once and appears to be losing a second time…

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What on earth was she thinking? Didn’t it even cross her mind that the second she made those sounds anywhere near a live microphone that they would be repeated again and again on virtually every talk show known to man? It plays into it every right wing preconception about her and will probably be a nice financial boost to whomever owns the rights to the song “who let the dogs out?”

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But more than anything else it shows that she is completely out of her depth when it comes to connecting with the media and connecting with people. She does not understand how she is perceived by either. And if she brings that same lack of understanding with her into the White House, we are likely to be in a lot of trouble.

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