Guide to Understanding Washington’s Lies

Between the Benghazi hearings with Hillary Clinton and the forthcoming budgeting process, prepare for a raft of lies from every corner of Washington, DC.

With the mainstream media protecting either the Progressive Democrats or the GOP Establishment, it’s difficult for the American public to truly understand what’s being done.

Here’s some key moments we should press the media and politicians to deliver truthfully:

Benghazi Hearing:

Why it matters: The American Embassy in Libya was attacked. The State Department lied about what prompted the attack where four Americans — including the ambassador — were murdered. Why did the State Department lie? Where was President Obama during the attack? Why did he callously jet off to a Las Vegas fund raiser the next day? Why weren’t units dispatched to help the embassy staff? What were they up to, was this a covert CIA operation?

Why the cover-up? Obama was selling the “Al-Qaeda is on the run” narrative during the course of the 2012 presidential election. He did not want to be seen as having an Al-Qaeda group attacking an embassy while peddling his message to voters. Additionally, there are too many holes as to what was going on at the embassy, what Obama was doing in the attack and why they didn’t order help. Originally Susan Rice claimed the attack stemmed from a riot about an anti-Muslim video. Since Clinton is directly connected to this in role former role as Secretary of State, the cover up continues to protect HER on-going presidential bid.

Debt Ceiling:

Why does it matter? The GOP, which constantly campaigns on fiscal restraint, continues to allow the Obama administration — and themselves — to extend the budget ceiling so they can keep spending freely.

Here are some lines you’ll hear:

“We won’t shutdown the government” — The president is actually the one who would have to shut down the government and he would do so by not agreeing to sign the budget bill. So Congress can slide a budget deal in front of the president and let him veto it and shutdown the government. Obama did that yesterday when he shutdown the military by vetoing a Military Funding Bill that’s been passed for 50-straight years.

“We don’t have the votes” — Another argument that means they won’t have the votes to pass a budget or override a veto. First work on getting the bills passed, then worry about the veto. Put the Democrats on the record as reckless spenders. But the GOP Establishment won’t do that, because they’re every bit as reckless when it comes to spending.


Why it matters: The GOP is about to make a big dog-and-pony show about using the “reconciliation process” in budgeting to remove parts of Obamacare. What they are planning will result in removing just two percent (2%!). Representative Paul Ryan, who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, a very powerful budget committee, explained on Mark Levin’s radio show in 2013 how the GOP planned to use the reconciliation process to remove about 85 percent of Obamacare. So what’s changed?

“Paul Ryan is the new (Eric) Cantor,” Rush Limbaugh declared, “in terms of moving the donor agenda.”

Why this is a lie: The GOP Establishment loves to make believe that it hates Obamacare, but all their actions demonstrate quite the opposite. There’s no doubt that special interests, donors and lobbyists have wormed their way into Establishment politician’s pockets. Politicians know these votes get tagged to their records and it helps fluff up a politician’s “conservative credentials” or provides evidence of backing campaign promises. The GOP wants to appear to do the work and then shrug by saying they couldn’t overcome Obama and the Democrats. Real leadership there.