Utah Governor To Approve The Type of Sex You Have

UTAH – The state of Utah has now officially declared porn a public health crisis. Utah’s governor, Gary Herbert, signed a resolution calling for additional research and education so that people can learn how pornography is harmful. I guess the state of Utah has the economy, education, homelessness, and every other serious issue of the day pretty well taken care of if it’s focusing on this.

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There are certain kinds of pornography and need to be cracked down on. Anything that advocates violence or rape obviously need to be addressed. And child porn is a different situation altogether. But aside from that, how much do you want the state – any state – making decisions about what you watch that goes on between two consenting adults in private?

I want you to take a look at a picture of Gary Herbert, the governor of Utah. Take a good look at him. Is this a man you want making decisions about your personal life, whether or not you’re in favor of pornography? It’s not a face I think many people want to have peering into their bedrooms or onto their computers.

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