GOP Establishment Plans Backfiring

Donald Trump’s rapid rise to the top of the GOP presidential candidate field symbolizes the frustration of the American public.

The American people delivered the GOP both houses of Congress last fall in an attempt to block the Obama administration’s imperialist march toward socialism. And how did the GOP reward the trust of their voters? They proceeded to break every election promise before Christmas and continued to do so as the seasons changed from winter to spring to summer.

And so along come refreshing, non-political personalities such as Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina. While Trump’s conservative credentials can be fairly questioned, Carson and Fiorina are two personalities who will not stand on political correctness and ceremony. Their styles contrast sharply from Trump’s, but ultimately, they resonate with a public sick of the mainstream media, the Clinton-Bush dynasties and the open disdain displayed by both the GOP and Democrats for common Americans.

If the GOP had a brain cell in its collective head, it would be hunkering down to determine how it can seize the momentum gained by Trump and the 24 million people who tuned into the first GOP debate on Fox News. Instead, the GOP sharpens its knives and increases its intention to shove an establishment candidate such as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich down the public’s throat.

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GOP donors made it abundantly clear they wanted Trump removed from the first GOP debate. Without Trump, Fox doesn’t get the ratings it received. The goal of the debate — from the first question onward — was to set Trump up for self-destruction. Could he take the criticism?

Trump handled the debate well and actually gained strength. Moderator Megyn Kelly took a massive reputation hit for her line of questioning — including one question about how Trump addresses women in Tweets and other commentary. Trump pushed back in his inimitable style and actually earned points with the public as a victim. However, he unraveled over the weekend by continuing to seeth over Kelly’s questioning saying she had “blood coming out of her eyes and wherever”.

Of course, Trump just should’ve shut his mouth after his “Megyn behaved very badly” comment and left it at that. But the mainstream media seized the blood comment and pounced. Trump was promptly un-invited from a Red State conservative conference as was Ben Carson, Kasich, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham.

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However, as the weekend surged, Trump remained atop the field in an NBC News Poll. In fact, the GOP’s Establishment hit job is actually having the opposite effect. The poll ranks like this: Trump (23%), Cruz (13%), Carson (11%), Fiorina (8%), Rubio (8%), Bush (7%) and Walker (7%).

Graham claimed over the weekend how Trump’s presence damaged the GOP brand. In typical big-government style, Graham wants Trump ex-communicated from the GOP candidate field. Graham, perhaps the GOP’s poster boy for delusional, tone deaf, lifetime politicians, serves as a prime example of why the American public displays signs of rebelling against the current Washington autocracy.

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The GOP will not rest until it tricks the American public into delivering a candidate who will continue to support lobbyists and cronyism in Washington. Our government is broken almost beyond repair. But the American people, despite the inside belief of both the GOP and Democrats, are smarter than that. And they aren’t buying into the game just yet.