Florida Live with Dan Maduri Recaps Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Greg Truax joins the program

The Florida gubernatorial race is well underway, and on Wednesday the Democratic candidates for governor had their first debate on Fox 13.  The 3:00 PM time of the debate is a bit curious, and Dan asks Greg Truax about the timing.

The race is tight between Gwen Graham and Phillip Levine so far, but Truax warns that any of the four candidates could end up with the nomination.  Miami Beach mayor Levine has had the resource advantage so far, and that helps polling, but we are still at an early point in the race.  Truax discusses the benefits of having more money than other candidates.

Dan asks Truax whether anyone in this race can change the Republican dominance of the big office in Tallahassee in recent years.  Truax suggests that at least in terms of funding, Levine could give the well-heeled Florida GOP a run for its money.

The candidates had their strengths and weaknesses, but Truax suggests they were less than forthcoming with their plans on education.

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