FAU Terminates Radical Professor for Blog Post

FLORIDA – FAU has terminated  James Tracy, an associate professor at University’s School of Communication and Multimedia Studies based on his blog posts regarding Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Believing in academic freedom is allowing professors to say things that shake up the social norm or even shock us but based in research. But Tracy was actively harassing the victims family’s with conspiracy claims that he didn’t believe Sandy Hook shooting occurred.

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There needs to be a crack down on the crack pot Professors that plague American schools. Do we allow someone, who is clearly, unhinged, to continue to teach kids?

We are talking about experiences that not only shape young minds but these are the minds that will be leading our country. And if we are exposing a generation to nut jobbery we are setting ourselves up for fail.

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They are going to take these ideas and apply it to culture, local, county, state, fed government etc etc. We need to reexamine the power that these academic gods have.

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