Elementary School Homework Assignment Talks About Police Brutality

OHIO – An elementary school assignment in Ohio classroom has parents upset. As a part of a vocabulary exercise, students were asked to fill-in the blank’s in a paragraph describing how blacks were unfairly targeted by the police as victims of brutality. Vocabulary words included “minorities” and “brutality”. Not exactly an unbiased exercise…

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The schools are not a place to push a propagandized agenda. There’s nothing wrong with examining both sides of the political issue so that students can develop critical thinking skills. But to insert someone’s preconception of what the police are like into a lesson that students have no choice but to complete is unfair to them. The parents are understandably upset.

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Let’s save political discussions for the civics class. Students should have the right to express their political views. But teachers are in a special position and can’t just indoctrinate their students. The school district needs to find out who created this exercise and reprimand or fire them. Let’s give children a chance to grow up before making them into political pawns.


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