Disney Has Engaged in the Systematic Destruction of the American Worker

DISNEY – Disney is engaged in the practice of replacing American workers with those in America on H1B visa this. This is disgusting. This is wrong. This is abominable. Draining America of its life essence – the workers that drive the economy – is the worst thing that any company could possibly do. And that it should be done by Disney, nominally the most American of companies, is extremely ironic.

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The problem is that shareholders and executives of large corporations such as Disney no longer view themselves as American. They view themselves as capitalist. They view them selves as being all about the bottom line. The bottom line used to be about our nation and our people. Now the bottom line is about the dollar.

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These people can live anywhere in the world. They I have no particular loyalty to the United States of America. Wherever they can make their money, they will be happy to. So it is of no consequence to them where the workers come from. And it is also no consequence to them where the economy falls apart. As long as they get their dividends and a good return on their investment.

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