Did Jeb Bush Discount 9/11 During the GOP Debate?

CALIFORNIA – 24 million people tuned into GOP Debate number 2 setting record ratings for CNN. Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio shined and the rest of the candidates gave solid performance.

Carly while discussing the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana interjecting the memory of her dead stepchild to further her standings. This was met with mixed feelings on social media.

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Jeb Bush referring to George W, “My brother kept us safe,” will be going to a TV near you by a Democratic SuperPAC. It sounds as if the former Florida Governor is completely discounting 2,996 victims of September 11th.

It was a major gaffe that the other 10 GOP candidates refused to seize upon.

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Jeb was playing to the conservative small crowd that was in the Reagan Library and forgot about the 24 million people who were viewing the debate from home.

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