Debate: Candidates Tired of Media Bias

We may have finally reached a turning point in these GOP debates.

Donald Trump set the trend by pushing back against the mainstream media. Ted Cruz quickly followed in his footsteps and on Wednesday night, most of the GOP presidential nominees unleashed their frustration on CNBC moderators.

For the most part, the candidates stuck together as Republicans. Mike Huckabee said he would vote for Trump against Hillary Clinton: “Every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

But the candidates and voters are sick of media bias, sick of GOP debates serving as reality television rather than an opportunity to showcase the strength and quality of the candidates in juxtaposition to the Democrats’ tired field and failed policies.

The lone Democrat debate, hosted by CNN, served as a sharp contrast to the style of questioning and presentation from a GOP debate.

New Jersey governor Christ Christie told Fox & Friends: “Well, listen, the moderators last night were awful. And the fact is that the press in this country, in general, has shown, over the course of the last number of months, their bias against the Republican Party, and against our candidates. And we’re going to stand up, I’m not going to sit around and let me or my colleagues be treated like that. Not only in the biased way, but also with the irrelevant questions that were being asked. the American people deserve better than that. And if we’re not tough enough to stand up and interject like I did last night, then you are not tough enough to be on the stage with Hillary Clinton next September.”

Could we finally be approaching a turning point in America where the GOP is showing some teeth? Where they are no longer content to show how peaceful they are?

If the GOP and the frustrated Conservative base can start to identify media bias, the media might return to its position as an unbiased watchdog over government. One of the reasons this country has gotten so out of control is because the mainstream media cheerleads for Leftist policies and the criminal activities of their favorite politicians. If we are to have an honest government, we need an unbiased media to keep them that way.

The fight against the mainstream media would logically lead to a much-needed fight against “political correctness.” We have entire groups seeking to change our very language — to the point where extremists are talking about eliminating words like “he” and “she” to avoid “gender bias.”

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